Astrological predictions for scottish referendum

I had this post in my head all through the last few days.

You had it absolutely spot on, well done! I really hope you'll be able to take a look at the new SNP leader whoever he or she turns out to be. There is a genuine sense of a real change in the electorate, not just those north of the border; the clamour for change here in Yorkshire and the North in general is growing apace.

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I'd be fascinated on your views of the astrology of all of that, too. Post a Comment.

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In the absence of a chart for Scotland, we need to look through the lens of the UK chart and see what is happening there. It says a certain amount: for instance, we are currently in the latter stages of a square from Uranus to Pluto, that has impacted in a big way on the charts of all the major powers. So the astrology on its own has been saying with some certainty that the West would go through a major crisis and renewal over this period, and with less certainty but with high probability based on history that this crisis would centre around the economy.

The collective divinatory sea that has built up around the symbols involved tells us that much. It shows shapes in the mist. To see more clearly, you need the individual divinatory skills of the astrologer, his or her ability to use the symbols to see something beyond them.

What it does say — through comparing a number of charts — is that something major is going on, and that even if there is a no vote, the impact will be lasting. Contact: BWGoddard1 at aol. The usual chart for the UK that astrologers use is the chart, the union of England and Ireland. And maybe it has worked better as time has gone on? That might be worth researching. And the UK has been going through an identity crisis for some years now. Do we remain part of the EU?

Will Scotland leave the UK? The transits are set to continue as Uranus and Pluto move on to hard-aspect the UK Moon at 19 Cancer between now and approx. So changes to the leadership and state, leading to a change in the people a few years later.

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Big changes that take time to absorb and settle. The referendum takes place on 18 September. My view is that the crucial astrological event of that day is a Lunar Return — the Moon will at one point be in exactly the same place, This will be exact in a few days, but will essentially be in orb for about a week beginning today. Does this apply to the event at all? Presuming it does, I'm inclined to interpret it as saying there is a fight ahead, i. The Cansolar doesn't add anything. Looks to me like Yes wins. The whole tone of the year, down to today, is separatist, severing.

Today, the signals are mixed in the new lunar ingress. The daily charts look like a psychologically blisteringly bad day for England.

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It looks like a fight over the next few days. Wales is not too happy about it either and my feeling is that it will eventually follow suit. Can one predict this type of events by looking at the national currency? It is a very very important step for the Scottish people, and the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Maybe I am in a close understanding of the Scottish people's referendum since I am also from a place on earth that has gone through this process of becoming independent in last century - so in my opinion this process is much more important for the Scottish people than the English.

The Disunited Kingdom. There may be protests in Georgia. The Republic of Ireland is experiencing a summer boom, with rapidly rising property prices, a growing financial sector and scope for investment.

SCOTLAND: Psychic Predictions for Second Scottish Independence Referendum

Pakistan is due for a change of government which may alarm its Western allies. The Sun is on the Midheaven.

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Russia is in the midst of a democratic revival, and the government is riding a wave of popularity. In South Africa, the ANC government will finally collapse and may be replaced by a wider coalition, marking a major moment of transition, post-apartheid. Palestinians will be seeking a reunion of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Internationally, an arc of change sweeps up through West Africa. Ghana will experience major changes in government and Algeria is also due for a change at the top.

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India is recovering from a period of instability and presents a positive opportunity for smart investors. Denmark is in an assertive mood and anti-EU sentiments are strong. Canada develops a role as a major international broker and hosts a global peace conference. Egypt plays an important diplomatic role in Middle East peace.

Japan launches a diplomatic offensive to guarantee peace in the Far East. Legal battles rise to the top of the agenda and the courts will intervene in foreign affairs.


New security measures should be put in place at Westminster to protect politicians and staff. In Europe the key area of change is the Balkans, and long lost passions cause instability in Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia. Allies will fall out with each other. Enemies will go to war over matters of principle. Religious militants will be on the rise.

France is establishing a new role on the world stage, intervening militarily. There is a high chance of the world drifting into war through muddle rather than intention. Missiles may be launched accidentally. Scientists will trigger excitement with announcements of significant discoveries about new mineral life in the deep oceans.

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The international situation looks more relaxed and conflicts will be resolved by shuttle diplomacy and high-level meetings. The USA attempts to expand its legal jurisdiction to other countries and arrests foreign citizens. The drug wars in Mexico hit a new height with the army called in to patrol areas of major cities, and martial law likely for several states. A new government can be expected in Romania. Both are necessary for a balanced economy. Jupiter is weak in Scorpio for most of the year so we should expect low growth and low inflation.

When Jupiter enters Sagittarius in mid-November the mood will shift and signs of a take-off in some sectors, particularly those related to transport and aerospace are eminent. US commerce will lead the emerging boom.