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The most compatible signs with Sagittarius are generally considered to be Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. This makes our Kim Tae-hyung a Capricorn — one of the most responsible signs in the zodiac. People born under this sign tend to have a very disciplined attitude, and make the best managers and leaders. The most compatible signs with Capricorn are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. This water sign is characterised by an artistic and musical side, and an ability to be empathetic and compassionate — and a love of romance.

The most compatible signs with Pisces are generally considered to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. Daley, PhD.

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Commander Magazine Issue 12 Commander. November Commander Magazine Issue 16 Commander. April The answer may be worth more than money.

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Commander Magazine Issue 01 Commander. December Table of Contents. Tux Magazine Issue Run Magazine Issue TheOne Magazine Issue STart Magazine Issue Plan B Magazine Issue Call for the Dealer or Distributor Nearest to You. These complete development systems for the VIC 20 and the Commodore 64 computers are tools for the professional and learning aids for the developing programmer.

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A complete list is included of all the internal programs in ROM and the means by which you can call them from your own programs. Sample programs are fully explained. All programs support disk , tape and printer output.

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PO Box Cann o n Fall s. MN Pl ease spec if y your prefere nce. Dealer enquiries invited. All Rights Reserved. Customer Support Plan As part of Info Designs ongoing effort to provide the highest quality microcomputer applications in the marketplace, we offer an optional telephone consulting service to support installation and ongoing operations. Order NOW.. See you local Commodore Dealer or call us directly at MasterCard and Visa accepted. A " tor Director K. Funds U.

The old school house has a new coat of paint and some of the faculty is even nevv. What other surprises are in store for the rows of eager and receptive eager and receptive-who am' kidding? Harkl What strange tunes come wafting our way from the nether room? It sounds like a quartet preparing for their opening night at the Met. Are we surprised when we peer around the corner and find out it's really Johnny playing Beethoven at a brand new C Christmas came early at the school this year.

The voters approved funding for a new computer lab and the staff had the wisdom to stock it with Cs. In the ensuing rush for the nine vacant seats in the lab, Jack trips over the power cord for Johnny's orchestra and the lilting strains of Moonlight Sonata abruptly halt.

Bill can't understand why his computer won't work-"PJug it into the wall", aies Phil. After an exhaustive session oftrial and error and actually glancing at the instructions once, Bill flips the 1V to channel 3. It works; Bill will never hear the end of it - he is captain of the football team.

After the dust had settled, a common hue and cry arose, 'What software isthere? After all, computers are supposed to be fun aren't they? Somehow the kids just couldn't get "up" for the learning software with the hard-te-readand understand instructions. Johnny found the solution to the problem.

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Before you knew it, everyone was shooting down alien invaders and vying for the highest score in their class. The educational software was forgotten and the game library was begun. When the mean old teacher saw what was going on, a quick halt was putto the gaming orgy and the learning hats 'Nere put back on, but the computer lab had been stocked with the requisite game programs which any respectable lab should have. After all, how many times have we heard of the director of a large government or university computer center finding his system programmers playing Chess or Star Trek on his mainframe.

Games were some of the first programs written on computers and will always be right at the top of the popularity list. Don't fight it -just control it. I have recently purchased C64 and VIC Modem and am wondering if you might know of a program for downloading and uploading programs for the The only telecommunications program I have right now is the 64 Term program that comes with the modem. I have a problem though, and am writing to see if you can help me. As you know the modem only makes your terminal a "dumb" terminal and I have been searching high and low for a program to be able to download what is received on the screen.

I have several friends from whom I could obtain small programs but I have no method to be able to get a copy from what they can send me over the modem.

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I can gototheir house and geta copy that way but it would be very convenient if I could just call them on the phone and have them send it to me. You may not be able to help but any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have even written to Commodore but never have received a satisfactory answer. They say they expect to have something someday but will not give a possible time span.

Thanking you for time and consideration, I am Respectively yours Frederic E. Hoffmanns Dear Gentlemen: Thanks for your letter! The solution to your problem is called a "smart terminal program About the only one that I have seen advertised is: Super Term Midwest Micro Inc.

Kansas City, MO I have not had the opportunity to use this program, but if it is anything like their Terminal for the VIC , it should be superb. As soon as I can set my hands on a C64 with disk, I plan to publish a smart terminal program in Commander. Punter is the author of Word Pro 3 Plus; and Eric Giguere, one of our regular reviewers, was the author of the review. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience which this caused our readers, Professional Software, Inc. I am basically a "law and order guy" and to me, making long distance calls without paying for them is stealing.

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Some are able to rationalize it as just the phone company and therefore, the theft of services is alright. Others look upon it as a protest against big business. But recent events have affected my opinion. Most are aware that, some time ago, the Federal Commumications Commission made the decision that "Ma Bell" was too big.

The government then proceeded with an action to "break up" American Telephone and Telegraph based on the notion that anything big had to bad for the American public. The telephone companies had total control over distribution, installation and use of modems. If you needed data communications, you needed the telephone company. It was illegal to connector coupleanything into thetelephoneline unless the company supplied and installed it.

Then a company called Carterphone invented a device that would couple the audio to and from two-way mobile radios into the telephone line. Anyone with a radio in hisvehiclecould make a telephone call simply by contacting the Carterphone operator. The sounds from the radio equipment could then be heard by the person at the other end of the telephone circuit. Conversely, the other person's voice in the earphone of the telephone, was coupled to the microphone of the two-way radio equipment. There was no electrical coupling into the telephone line; a speaker simply replaced the human vocal cords.

This is the same principle that is used by the acoustic coupled data modem. The telephone company was enraged by the introduction of the Carterphone device, even though there was only acoustic coupling between the external device and the telephone line. They recognized the Carterphone unit represented a leak in their dike of total control. As a result, they sued Carterphone to desist fr. Rather than capitulate, Carterphone Corp. They argued there was no difference between using their device and a human talking directly into the telephone. They provided powerful arguments that no damageordegradation to the telephone network could possiblyoccur.

The court agreed and settled the suit in favor of Carterphone, saying not only was the Carterphone device legal but there must be a means whereby the public could con nect persona lIy owned eq uipment and devices into the telephone network. The repercussion from their attack on little Carterphone was enormous. The court decision opened the "floodgates"for interconnection of many devices i. It then became possible to purchase a telephone, rather than rent one at inflated prices from the telephone company. Use of the telephone network has increased significantly since the Carterphone decision.

Millions of privately owned extension telephones have been connected. There are hundreds of ingenious low cost accessories which can be connected to simplify and speedup use of the telephone system. Data communications has exploded. Today there are hundreds of thousands of people increasing use of the telephone network by making long distance calls with modems.

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The easiest way to compensate for this loss of revenue is to request rate increases Higher phone bills. The operating companies are now doing this.

A particularly enterprising operating company, Southwestern Bell, has found an ingenious way of extracting money from an unsuspecting public. They justify the cost as a charge for providing a data grade telephone line. This isan incredible feat of electranic wizardry. Simply by connecting a modem to your common "garden variety" telephone line, it now becomes a compensated and equalized telephone line with none of the "clicks and pops" that we are accustomed to.

There is only one applicable word for the action of Southwestern Bell- extortion!